Sarcastic Love

I love him but I don’t have to like him…

You have to love your neighbors, but you don’t have to like them, right? Well is that really love at all?

Okay so I’ll paint this picture for you. A small studio room downtown. No lights on. Only the sound of the guitar and voices singing praise to God are audible. People sitting in chairs, on a couch, and in the floor. Every once in a while, between songs, someone would speak.

A boy I had never seen started talking. “We’ve always heard that we have to love people, but we don’t have to like them. God loves us AND likes us. So how can we say that we don’t like people, but we love them. I guess you could call that…well…sarcastic love.”

A light bulb went off in my head. I had done that my whole life without meaning to. People that were mean to me or made me feel bad about myself–I loved them because I had to, because I was commanded to, not because I really loved them. And that is sarcastic love. Loving them almost as a joke. Loving them to make yourself look like a good person. Love is only real when you truly find something about that person that you admire and adore. Everyone has SOMETHING to love, so find it and like it.

Sarcastic love boy talked about the construction workers he worked with. He said some of them were “rough guys that would curse you out when you messed up.” He said, “I said I loved them but I didn’t like being around them. So, I learned to really love them and love to be around them because what comes out of them won’t rub off one me, what comes out of me will rub off on them. My light will shine on them when I truly do love them.”

What he said changed my life forever. Now, when the girl that gives me dirty looks walks by, instead of pretending to love her, I will make an effort to find something to love and show her my love. Sarcastic love is not God and God IS love. He loves us AND likes us and that is very cool. We have to do the same in order to love like He does.

Sarcastic love boy at the impromptu worship service, thank you. Thank you for changing my life and my heart. Sarcastic love will be no more. After all, isn’t there truth in sarcasm sometimes? I’ll find the truth in any of the sarcastic love I’ve ever poured out so I can turn it into compassionate, genuine love.