How to Catch All Those Fish in the Sea

There are plenty of fish in the sea…

Haven’t we been told about all the fish in the sea for years? You get broken up with. “There are plenty of fish in the sea!” You do the breaking up. “There are plenty of fish in the sea!” You have been single for two years. “There are plenty of fish in the sea!” You’ve never dated anyone. “There are plenty of fish in the sea!”

So how do you catch a fish?

It seems like some people have the bait that all the fish like. And some people aren’t getting any bites at all.

Try to follow me here because I’m about to dive in (dive in, get it?) to my thought process, which can be very scattered.

A friend of mine took an Old Testament class in college last semester and she told me about how the Jesus fish symbol came to be. In the days of persecution of Christians, those who were Christians had to keep their beliefs a secret. So, when they would meet someone and begin a conversation, they would make a curve in the sand with their foot. If the other person was also a Christian, he/she would make another curve, completing the symbol that we now know as a symbol that represents Jesus.

A few days ago, a younger girlfriend of mine told me about this guy she wanted to set me up with. Every time someone wants to set me with someone, I’m usually pretty skeptical because it almost never works out. However, this guy really seemed to be a great match for me. The first thing that really interested me was that he was a strong Christian. Because of our common beliefs and interests, I was interested in meeting him.

That got me thinking. There are literally millions of guys out there. There are a lot of them I could really get along with and be pretty happy with. So why is it so hard to just find one out of those million that I have things in common with?

I started thinking of it as being one of the Christians under persecution. When we meet someone, it’s like we draw a symbol in the sand. Whatever that symbol may be, we wait for the other person to complete the other half of it. They might draw a totally different symbol in the sand. If our symbols don’t match, it’s a pretty good indication that we don’t match.

Interests and hobbies and goals and passions are so detailed and so specific. All the things we love and want in a partner narrow down that pool that we’re fishing in. It doesn’t make us any less desirable or worthy; it just makes us intricate, which is how we were created. When we ignore that intricacy and try to simplify ourselves, we settle for a pretty simple symbol to draw. We allow someone else to easily match our half of the symbol.

Whether it’s looking for a fellow believer or someone that enjoys sports or someone that likes Harry Potter, it’s important to cast your bait where you know you’ll catch a fish you won’t want to throw back.

Fisherman usually aim for a certain type of fish. If they catch a bass instead of the carp they wanted, they’ll throw the bass back. We can’t just settle for the bass. We have to keep fishing for the carp.

Draw your symbol. Make it unique to who you are. When you find that one person to match it, reel ’em in.