Angel Mocha Latte

He sends us angels and He sends us to be angels…

I think God gives us angels here on earth. They aren’t always necessarily our family or very best friends, but they leave handprints on our hearts and give us a peace that can only be from God. 

I have a friend that I don’t really get to see a lot, but every single time I see her, I just feel great. If I’ve had a bad day, she immediately makes it better without even knowing she does. 

We go on coffee dates every couple of weeks. It began last semester as just an “every so often” kind of thing. We later found out that we had both gone through a lot of stuff that matched up that semester. We had never discussed anything we were going through; we always just talked. We talked about life. We talked about scripture. We talked about God. She encouraged me in a way I had never been encouraged. She told me all the beautiful things about me that I rarely heard. 

I cherish her more than she knows. I do a lot of listening when we meet up and I love that the most. She’s helped me grow and helped me learn how to love myself. 

I had such a bad yesterday. Nothing terribly bad happened; I was just so down because of some discouraging things said about me on a petty social media site. I knew it was so stupid, but it made me sad nonetheless. I invest a lot in words, so the words of others have a strong effect on me.

It’s easy for me to tell someone else to focus on God’s words rather than others, but I can’t seem to do it myself. 

Right after I had read the rude comment, my friend walked in the room. It’s like I wasn’t even controlling my mouth or words. I immediately asked her to go get coffee without even thinking. I was so comforted by her presence. She said yes, of course, and we met for coffee as planned.

As soon as I sat down, she said, “How are you? You look stressed.” I smiled and told her I was fine, but I knew she knew. Although I had planned to immediately tell her about the petty drama bothering me, I didn’t. She immediately went into scripture. She read me verses about being adopted into His kingdom and living in glory that we have been chosen for. She said it was so cool to be known as God’s daughter. And I think it is really cool too. It’s the coolest thing about me or anyone else I know. I love that. 

Just like my parents brag about me, God brags about His children. He thinks I’m great even when someone else might not, even when I might not.

My friend kept encouraging me to live out my position in Christ. She expressed her awe of His giving of this position and how spectacular it is that his love is never stagnant; it’s always being given. I teared up while she talked and she didn’t even notice because she was so into His word. It was beautiful. It was a rare moment that I will never forget.

I eventually told her what was bothering me. I started crying because my feelings were still so hurt. She looked so sad for me. She looked so sad that anyone would be that mean ever. I felt her compassion from across the table. 

She told me something she tells me so often. “There are so many beautiful things about you that completely overpower any of your flaws and God handcrafted you just like He handcrafted everyone else specifically. You are so loved and bring love to so many people you meet without even knowing it. You mean a lot to a lot of people and you have something about you that makes other people feel comfortable and important. So, don’t think about what some jealous person says. Think about what God says about you.” She then told me I needed people to be that audible voice that relays His thoughts of me so that I could rest in that every day.

She didn’t even realize that she was that voice. She is always that voice. He has given me her encouraging voice to keep pushing me.

I cried and thanked her for always being that person for me. I told her that although I have low self-esteem anyway, maybe the comment was just another tool to humble me.

She looked almost angry and said, “Don’t let Satan lie to you. Humility is not low confidence. You can’t listen to Him. I want you to get down on your knees and get desperate for God’s thoughts and words and stop making the thoughts of others a god.”

It was so honest and so loving and so true. We dwell so much on what everyone thinks about us– if we are good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, skinny enough, or popular enough. No matter what it is, it’s never enough. Luckily, God is enough and we don’t have to be.  Living for the majority can be an idol–a dangerous idol.

Within 15 minutes, she had encouraged me, showed me my struggles, taught me, and made me feel beautiful all at once. She was an angel in that moment and she has been in so many other moments. 

I am certain that God sends people to us to be our angels. I am certain that He sends us to be angels to others, and we may never know when we have served as one. 

Always be prepared to be someone’s angel because you never know who you’ve been assigned to.

My dear friend has been assigned to me, and I am so thankful. We might not talk every day. We might not go shopping together or stay up all night talking about boys, but we share something special. 

We share a coffee table, we share words, and we share love. 

I sure am glad my guardian angel likes lattes as much as I do.