Don’t Live A Happy Life

Living a “happy” life is not all it’s cracked up to be. You can live happily ever after without truly being fulfilled.

Sometimes God doesn’t seem important until we have nothing left – nothing else surrounding us to distract us. When life is going well, we are consumed by it. We become obsessed with how fantastic life is.

We throw ourselves into friendships, relationships, school, work, parties, events – and we totally leave God out of it all.

Months go by and we look back and realize how lost we’ve gotten in the world. We are called to be in the world, not of the world.

We realized we haven’t been acting like ourselves. Then it hits: “This is me without God.”

I know the me without God reigning over my heart is scary – lost, desperate for attention, focused on instant gratification.

If we let the world take over our hearts, we don’t leave room for God there. We lose sight of what the end goal really should be. The popularity and money and success and earthly happiness are not more important than eternity and the relationship that will get us there.

Resorting back to the old person you laid to death when you accepted Christ is the first step down the wrong path for your life. Stop where you are and turn back around.

Don’t just live a fun, “happy” life – live a full, purposeful life.

A great marriage, a successful job, a healthy lifestyle, a new car, our passions, friendships, trips, achievements – none of those matter without God at the center, no matter how “happy” they make us.

If we are living as if the world is all that matters, it will become all we have.


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