Time Can’t Heal Your Broken Heart

“Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it.” – Taylor Swift

Time. We personify time more than any other inanimate existence in the world. It’s always on our minds. It keeps us from getting things done. It gives. It takes. It moves quickly and slowly at the same time.

Time is such a huge part of our lives. We are always wishing for more of it. We want it to slow down on the weekend and speed up Monday through Friday. We can’t comprehend it and never will. It passes slowly and quickly at the same time.

We go through days that feel like they drag on, but we look back and realize that five years have passed. We can’t grasp it, we can’t hold on to it, and sometimes, we don’t even pay attention to it.

We give time so much power. We put so much faith in it. “Time will heal anything.” “Time flies when you’re having fun.” “Time is love.”

But, time, it doesn’t heal anything. It can’t. It has no power. We just give it power.

God can heal. God can make things better. God has power over time because he exists outside of time. “But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hand.” (Psalm 31:14)

When a loved one dies, we go through a break-up, or we lose a job, we get told that time will heal our heart, that time heals all. But, there are some things we will never get over, no matter how much time passes. That’s where God comes in.

He is the ultimate Healer. “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)

We have to put our faith in God, not the clocks on the wall to heal our pain and heartbreak.

When people lose a parent or a spouse, I’ve noticed they never fully recover, no matter how much time passes. The memories and love are still there. What gets them through is prayer, positivity, friends, ultimately – God.

And when we go through break-ups with someone we love so much, crossing off days on a calendar can’t make the pain go away. We have to align our hearts with the will of God to know true love and true happiness before continuing on the journey to find a soulmate, and that doesn’t come with time. It comes with self-discipline, soul-searching, and seeking God and his plan.

Time cannot help your hurt. It can’t pull you out of a depression or help you accept yourself and your life.

God uses people, and jobs, and so many other things in life to help us along.

Time will never stand still, and there will never be more than 24 hours in a day or 525,600 minutes in a year. But the comfort in that is that our God will never change and will always exist outside of time. Time is in His hands. “My times are in Your hand; Deliver me from the hands of my enemies.” (Psalm 31:15)

It may feel like a day, week, or month you’re going through will never end, but it will. No matter what kind of season of life you’re going through, time will pass just the same, but leaning on God will take you through the days and make them easier.

And when you want to soak in a moment, ask God to help you slow down and enjoy your time more. When God is on our side, time is on our side, too.

So time won’t fly or halt or multiply itself, but you can rest assured knowing it rests in the hands of a just, loving God that will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

We always want more time, but maybe what we need is more God.

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