Have the Life of Your Time

“I hope you have the time of your life…”

That old 90s song by Green Day encourages us to have the time of our lives. To really live. To seize every moment.

I was eating dinner with an old friend last week (I’ve noticed a pattern…most of my blogs tend to start with me talking to someone…honestly almost every blog I’ve ever written is inspired by someone or something they said.) and we just really caught up on life.

We hadn’t seen each other in probably a year or so and we had the absolute best conversation. Because we don’t see each other often or talk every day, we really listened to each other and it was almost like we were meeting for the first time (other than the occasional references to stories from when we were children).

She’s a few years older than me and married. She encouraged me so much to just wait for the right person and really live my life to the fullest before I’m married. And then to live it fully with my husband!

Her advice that she meant to be advice isn’t what hit me. It’s the things she said that she had no idea had an impact.

She just talked about life. She talked about the books she reads, the manner in which she saves money for trips before she puts money into savings, her favorite songs, and just what makes up her life.

She didn’t talk a lot about her problems or her job or the things that bother her. She just talked about the things that make her heart happy and make her world really go round.

She got me to thinking. She doesn’t seem to really focus on how much time is in the day or how many things she can get done. She takes it day by day and slows down a little every day to enjoy something she loves, even if that means escaping into a good book for hours.

She doesn’t think, “Oh my gosh I need to be up cleaning or running or working on something productive.” She works out and eats healthy because it makes her soul happy. She cleans when she wants to clean.

But that doesn’t mean her life isn’t “together.” It’s very together. And isn’t that funny that we think we have to be busy 24/7 to be “together.” I’ll go ahead and tell you I’m always on the go and my life is nowhere near “together” like I wish for it to be. Because I don’t slow down.

So why do we just try to have the time of our life? The time we are given is precious, but I think we just try to fill it up. Now, we fill it up with great stuff, sure. I fill mine up with as many fun things as I can. I fill it up with beautiful memories, of course.

But just when it’s time to enjoy the moments, I sometimes find myself exhausted because I spent so much energy filling my time.

Make sure you go home and clean your room, then schedule time at the gym, then schedule a dinner date, then schedule time to watch TV, then schedule time to read, then make sure you squeeze in a phone call or two, oh and don’t forget to make time to do something that makes you happy.

Why on earth do we schedule every second of our day? We fill the day with things that “make us happy.” Why not just do something that makes you happy when you feel like doing it? Since when did spur-of-the-moment road trips or concerts become so stressful to plan? Why are birthday dinners and surprise parties so exhausting? Because we plan everything in hopes it will go perfectly and not mess up one little bit. Then, if something goes wrong, we call it a day and say the whole thing was ruined.

That is not how God intended us to live. Sure, he wants us to be aware of the time we have here, but he does not want us to spend it planning and worrying. He specifically speaks against worry.

So, let’s let life fill up our days. Let life take up all the time in the world. Just live. Let go and just really live.

Spend time with people just because. Do something that makes your heart burst with joy without penciling it in for Tuesday at 4:00. Go on a road trip in the middle of the night because why not?

Stop putting so much emphasis on making sure you fill your life up with wonderful trips and memories, and just let them happen how they are meant to.

We all want our lives to be beautiful. We also want the rest of the world to think it’s beautiful. So we plan all these things so we can post a few good pictures online to let everyone know how much fun we have.

Stop it. Let the moments and the days happen. Be happy because it’s natural to do so. Live at peace with where you are, who you are, and what your’e doing.

Our time is short, so why not let it fill itself with incredible things that are bound to happen. And also, we shouldn’t have the “time of our lives” by filling our time with things that give us instant gratification and leave us feeling terrible later. Wild parties and meaningless relationships do not ensure that you have had the life of your time.

Fill up time with your life, not just your life with time. Don’t be afraid to have the life of your time instead of just the time of your life.

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