Giving Up On All My Dreams

“Reality is wrong, dreams are for real.” – Tupac

Tupac’s quote has been one of my favorite for years. I even used it in my high school Valedictory speech (yes I quoted Tupac at a high school graduation what what).

But I’ve really been rethinking it lately. Yes, I absolutely think we should have dreams and goals and hope for a better tomorrow, but is reality really wrong?

I think that’s been my problem lately. I think reality is so wrong that I don’t embrace it. I live in my dreams instead of my reality.

Now I’ve always been a dreamer, ever since I was a little girl. I had (and still have) a wild imagination. My parents and brothers had to deal with my crazy ploys and games and my poor friends always had to help act out a story I had written or pretend to be from another planet with me or something. (They probably begged their parents not to let them come over).

As I’ve gotten older and gotten more immersed in the “real world,” I’ve noticed how easy it could be for my dreams to slip away and die. It scared me to death. So, I overcompensate and dream even more.

All this dreaming and hoping and wishing and wondering has taken me out of reality. It makes me miss out on what is happening and what is my life.

I think today’s generation focuses so much on our goals and dreams of what life could be like that we don’t take the time to appreciate the now and soak up everything that we already do have.

I always think I’ll be happier when.

When what?

Why don’t I just be happy now?

I certainly should be. Because I’m living the dreams of the past me already. I always dreamt of doing some of the things I’ve already done. So why not soak that up and realize that the present is a dream? I’m lucky in many ways, and that’s a dream some people never even have.

If we always look to the future instead of looking up and realizing where we stand, it will all pass away and become the past before we can hold on to it. We are always warned not to look back to the past, but I think it may be just as dangerous to look to the future.

I will always have dreams. I have so many goals I haven’t reached yet, and I may never reach them. That won’t stop me from dreaming, but it also won’t stop me from living either.

So I’m giving up. I’m giving up the idea of this perfect future because life may never be better than it is right now. And if that’s the case, I’m okay with that.

If it gets better than this, that’ll be one nice surprise.

I’ll still slip away into my fantasy world every now and then, but I will make certain that I don’t let the beauty of the now get lost in my imagination.

My advice: don’t ever give up on your dreams, but give up the obsession with your dreams that makes you not want to be who you are now, who you’re supposed to be.

Once you start enjoying life, and I mean really enjoying it, then you’re living the dream baby.