My Love Story… Finally

Everyone has a love story, even if they haven’t fallen in love yet… 

I love reading love stories. I love hearing love stories. I just love everything about love stories.

I’m always imagining mine and making up different scenarios for what it might turn out to be like. The funny thing is that it probably won’t be anything like what I’ve imagined. And that’s just fine. I like surprises.

One of my favorite loves is my parents’ love. It always inspires me and gives me hope for my future husband and me. I’ve heard different parts of their love story a million times, and it never gets old.

My parents met in high school. My mom was 14 and my dad was 17. They’ve been in love ever since.

It got brought up on one of many mother/daughter days my mom and I had. She got this look in her eye and said, “I loved him before we ever loved each other.” Wow. What a statement. A statement that is true in almost every relationship. There is almost always one that falls for the other first.

It was beautiful that she said it. She had loved him from a distance until he finally fell for her too. She knew from the start that he was the one.

Then they broke up. She was heartbroken and devastated. He was the love of her life and he was gone.

He began dating someone else, so she did too (to make him jealous).

My mom attended a wedding of a mutual friend of her and her ex (my dad). My dad was in the wedding as a groomsman and my mom was in the crowd with her boyfriend.

Her next statement brought us both to tears. “I watched him and thought to myself, ‘I really hope I get to stand up there with him one day.'”

It took me back to that moment. I felt her heartache. I felt her despair and the love she had for this guy that had broken her heart. For a second, my dad wasn’t my dad; he was the boy my mom was in love with, and also the boy that had once broken my mom’s heart.

The second he and this new girl broke up, he called my mom. She immediately canceled the date she had that night and went back to my dad. If I would’ve been her best friend then, I would’ve told her not to go back to him. I sure am glad no one gave her that advice because I wouldn’t be here writing this.

I’m glad she didn’t listen to magazine tips about how to play hard to get and get back at an ex. She just followed her heart, and it turned out to be pretty great.

He ended up being the best husband and father, and because she trusted her heart, she gave him the chance to be both of those things.

We cried and laughed and I was overwhelmed with joy that I had these amazing, loving people as my parents. Their love story was the love that made me. It created me and the person I am. It gave me life and a future.

My mom then said, “I hope you get to have a love story.”

I replied, “Mom, everyone has a love story.”

She had no idea that she had just told me my love story.

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