Love Clocks

We all really just want love– to love and to be loved. Sometimes we just have to wait a little longer than planned…

Isn’t love such a strange thing? It’s everywhere. We are absolutely obsessed with it. But why shouldn’t we be?

Even the cynics that say they hate love or they’ll never be in love are lying. They probably want it more than the love-obsessed number one fans of love.

I was reading an article about how to know you’ve found your soulmate and I just started crying. I want so badly to be in love and I think that’s just the problem.

I see friends and people I know with significant others and my heart just aches to find that person that’s really all mine. That’s a pretty big commitment to be someone’s “all mine.” So maybe that’s the thing. Maybe it’s supposed to be a little bit of a wait. Maybe you’re supposed to want it so bad then give up on it until it comes to you.

I mean there are times when I could’ve jumped in to something. There are times when I have. But neither of those ever really seem to end in “true love.” They tell you to jump and fall, but maybe we’re supposed to just gently sink into it. It doesn’t have to be a drastic jump. It can be safe if we do it right.

Patience is a virtue, right? Well I have zero patience, especially when it comes to this whole love thing. I mean how is it fair that everyone else has a Prince Charming and I am still trapped in this extremely high tower of loneliness?

But maybe it really is fair. Maybe God has a little clock for all of us that has how long until we find our soulmate. And you and your soulmate have the exact same amount of time left until you finally run into each other. And that’s when your joint clock starts and lasts until the clock of your life stops.

Quite an analogy, but that’s really how I look at it. God gives us time to grow and love ourselves and life before we pour that love into another human being that will desperately need that love.

It gets hard and it gets lonely, but knowing that there might be some time left on my single clock lets me know that I have time to work out everything with myself.

It doesn’t ever make a lot of sense why some of us are alone while everyone else gets to share their moments with someone else, but I really think it will all make a lot of sense when that life-changing moment happens and one clock meets another.

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