You Never Know

You never know what’s waiting around the corner…

 If we always keep walking straight, we’ll keep heading in the same direction. So, turn the corner and take a chance because you never know who or what you might run in to.

It’s human nature to stay in our comfort zone for fear of getting hurt if we step out. But you just never know what might happen when you take a leap of faith. 

I decided to write this blog when I was on a plane headed to Los Angeles, California. I sat in between two strangers (so of course I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep). One guy was a teacher that lived in LA and worked in Japan so he brought his students to LA for a week. I got to talk with him about my experience in Tokyo. The girl to my left worked in film in LA. She has worked with Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, and so many other huge artists. She was incredible to talk to. 

As I looked out the window over the Grand Canyon, I thought, “Wow, you really just never know who you’re going to talk to or where you’re going to end up.” It is really amazing how every event leads to another, even the smallest events that we consider minor. 

You never know when you’re going to meet the love of your life or land your dream job. It all just falls into place without you having a single hand in it. 

During my trip in LA, I won tickets to American Idol by tweeting #CopCar to Keith Urban. (See, you really never know what’s going to happen). Other than hoping to get on camera for .3 seconds, I really didn’t expect anything cool to happen at the show.

The most adorable woman turned around before the show started and asked where we were from. We found out she was a friend of one of the judges. J Lo. Yep. She and her husband are best friends with Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend. Her mom and dad were there as well, and her dad stopped to talk to us on his way to the bathroom. 

He asked why we were here all the way from Alabama and told us that he was the CEO of a social media company that hired Steve Wozniak, creator of the Mac computer. We told him about the broadcasting convention and he asked for a business card. Since I didn’t have one on me (so unprepared), I dug for a scrap piece of paper to write my information down on. While I was writing he said, “You just never know.” I stopped writing and looked up to tell him that I had just started writing a blog post titled “You Never Know” and told him he would now be mentioned in it. He told me he would actually be writing a blog about it as well and asked me to send him the link to my blog.

He did write about it ( and he went to my blog site as well. 

My entire experience in LA was full of “you never know moments.” We never know what might happen next and that’s how we should live. Whether the next moment is good or bad, we have to really appreciate the moment we’re in because you never know when it might end. 

I think the best part of life is not knowing. How scary it would be to see even five minutes into the future, let alone five years. It would drive us crazy. It seems pretty intelligently designed that we only know what we know now. 

Not knowing is a gift and you never know when you’ll get to open it. 

3 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. You never know what insights and answers will come your way by clicking a link to a blog your friend (David Bradford) tweeted. Thank you Kaitlin, for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Today, I am encouraged as I begin to turn a corner in my life.


  2. Hi Kaitlin – I found your blog through David Bradford’s…I wanted to say thanks – I’ve forwarded yours to my daughter…she needs to read your words.


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