A Wow Girl


Have you ever seen someone walk in a room and you just look at them and say, “Wow” ?

My mom calls these people “wow girls” or “wow boys.”

I call my mom several times a day, and yesterday was no different. I called to tell her a funny story about me seeing a guy I used to date come in to the coffee shop with a girl as I was in there having coffee and doing homework. I just had to call her because I knew she would listen and find it funny.

During the conversation, she said, “You’re just a wow girl and you need someone that is a wow boy.” I said, “Mom, a wow girl? What is that?”

Her reply: “When you walk in a room, people say ‘Wow, she’s really pretty.’ You just make people say wow. You’re going to find a wow boy to match.”

I laughed it off and told her that she had to think I was pretty, but I don’t think my  mom knows what that meant to me or how deeply I analyzed it.

I began to think of people that make me say wow. Now, if you know me, you know I say ‘wow’ a lot. It’s my word. But I’m talking about people that really make me say wow–people that do or say things that amaze me and make me fall in love with who they are. Those kind of people are rare, but they’re beautiful.

My mom is a “wow girl.” When she walks in a room, everyone says ‘wow,’ but beyond that she is wow to me. She loves her people a lot, and I am really glad I am one of those people. She loves everyone she meets and makes them feel great about themselves. But I’ll be selfish for a minute and just talk about why she is wow to me.

After we talked on the phone, I thought about how sometimes I feel like people might get annoyed by me or not care about stories about things that happened during my day or just not listen. I never ever think that when I talk to my mom.

I started tearing up because it is such a wonderful feeling and such a relief that I don’t have to worry about my mom talking bad about me or making me feel stupid or ignoring my stories. She is just always there to listen and make me feel beautiful and make me feel like my life means something, and that is just wow.

My mom cares more about me more than she does about herself. She loves me, not because she’s my mom, but because she’s my friend. She is truly my person, my best friend. She told me I was a “wow girl,” but what she didn’t realize is that she really is the most “wow girl” I’ve ever known.

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