A Forever Person

Some people, some thoughts, some memories….they’re meant to last forever. 

Nothing lasts forever. It’s an age old truth.

But maybe it isn’t a truth.

Maybe some people are “forever people.” Some people come into your life and never really go away.

Today at my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Larry Nelson’s funeral, Brother Henry called him a “forever person” because his memory will be here forever. Larry never met a stranger and shared the love of Christ with everyone he met. He instilled truth in them that would literally last forever. He gave them love and, when love is real, it really does last forever.

Our favorite memories stay with us forever. Thoughts we have–words written–are engraved in our minds to always dwell on. When something really moves us or changes us, it’s forever.

Shouldn’t we all try to be forever? I hope I’m forever to everyone I meet, just like Larry. Jesus’ love is forever, and we are to model our love after the love of Christ. If we do that, we will be forever people.

Having a forever person in your life is the greatest gift and biggest blessing in the world. When forever people die, they don’t die. Because they served God, lived for others, and loved every single person they met, they live on forever. They live on in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our memories, and in our lives.

Live each day striving to be a forever person. If you want to live forever, die to yourself. Die to your wants and live for others and their needs. Think of a way to make each moment count and become a forever memory.

So it’s not true that nothing lasts forever. The best things– the best people–last forever.

Don’t be a “for a good time” or “for a long time” person. Be a “forever person.”

Dedicated to Dr. Larry Nelson 

2 thoughts on “A Forever Person

  1. This is beautiful, Kaitlin. It takes commitment to be a “forever person,” and it certainly isn’t easy in our narcissistic culture, but I want to be a “forever person” too. Dr. Nelson was such an exceptional person. I always told people, “he’s one of my favorite people on the planet.” I love that you used those words too. 🙂 I look forward to seeing him again. God bless you.


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