The Quicker The Better

And it ended as quickly and unexpectedly as it began. 

All the best things in life come and go when we least expect it. It’s rare that you sit back and reflect on something you plan and say, “That was the best thing that ever happened to me,” but we say it so often about completely spontaneous things that happen. Isn’t that beautiful that God surprises us all the time? You don’t plan to meet the love of your life; it just happens. You don’t wake up and say, “I’m probably going to meet my husband today,” but one day you unexpectedly meet him out of nowhere and it happens so fast. At least I think it does, and I hope it does. The quicker something happens the more you grasp on to it and hold on tight. It’s so ironic and beautiful that the best things happen in the blink of an eye. Reflecting on the best days of your life seem like they happened in seconds. Our worst moments seem to drag on for decades, but the good times sprint by.

On the other hand, on a sadder note, the best things seem to end just as quickly as they began. It’s out of nowhere. You get broken up with and never expect it. All of a sudden, the guy that fell out of the sky into your life completely vanishes. It seems like it all lasted for only a week, and now the best thing that ever happened to you quickly shifted to the worst. It doesn’t make sense at the time, but then it makes more than perfect sense. And then you realize that the quicker it ends, the better. They always say, “It’s better to rip the bandaid off quickly,” and I think that is more than true. Life ends so quickly too, doesn’t it? We never know when it will end. I think that is so beautiful and so orchestrated by God. He wants us to live like it might all come to a screeching halt at any moment. I think that’s how we should treat every little thing: a day with your best friend, a vacation with your family, a relationship, a semester in school. Everything should be given life, and therefore, everything should be treated like it might just end any second. That way, when we blink and it’s over, we know it was so fast because it was so fulfilling.

Things come full circle. Sometimes things end where they began and how they began. It seems strange, but it’s such a beautiful thing that happens. You might completely fall in love with someone in an ice cream parlor after talking for hours on end, and a few months later talk for another three hours for the last time ever. It seems sad, it seems unreal, it seems too quick, but it might be just right and it might just be perfect to begin and end at the same place. Life can be like that. We begin life with such innocence, and it might just be perfect if we end it the same.


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