Small Talk

After all, it’s the small things that mean the most.

Everyone claims to hate small talk. Chatting it up with the barista while she makes your coffee or listening to the cashier’s life story while she rings your groceries up seem like nuisances and wastes of time. But what would the world be without small talk?

Without small talk, we would never have big talk. Every relationship with anyone you ever meet will inevitably begin with small talk. Even your relationship with your mom starts as small talk.  Sometimes a good dose of small talk turns into something wonderful. Small talking with the right person in line for coffee might jumpstart your career. Small talk with your dentist as he drills on your mouth could lead to big talk with his attractive son. You just never know when small talk can change your life, so why not pour your soul into those five-minute conversations? Sometimes the person that starts the small talk needs it more than you could ever imagine. Small talk can change a day and a changed day can change a life.

Small talk it up. You might learn to love it. My grandpa is paralyzed  in a wheel chair and doesn’t get to leave his house much. His favorite thing in the world is now small talk. I bet he would give anything to stand in line at Wal-Mart and talk to a total stranger. When you look back on your life, won’t the little things mean the most? Next time you get annoyed by small talk, remember what it might lead to.  All the best love stories began with a little case of small talk.


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